Root canal therapy, sometimes referred to as endodontic therapy, is a dental procedure used to treat infections and disorders of the dental pulp or nerve of the tooth. This may be caused by tooth decay, periodontal disorders or injury. If the dental pulp has become infected or damaged, root canal therapy can effectively restore the health of the tooth.

During a root canal, our dentists will first examine the tooth. This will help us determine the extent of the damage and plan a successful treatment. After an initial examination, our dentists can then remove any tissue that has been damaged too much. Once this is removed, we can clean the site and prepare it for restoration. Usually this involves replacing lost tissue with a biocompatible material. A crown can then be placed overtop this material, restoring the shape of the tooth and protecting it from further damage. Dr. Brian Henry, Dr. Jason Snapp and Dr. Michelle Lecklitner will make sure you are happy with the restoration following your treatment.

Thanks to advanced dental technology, techniques and anesthetics, root canal therapy is made to be as comfortable as possible. Our caring dentists and dental team will ensure that you have a pleasant, positive dental experience at our office. For more information on root canal therapy in Lafayette, Indiana, and to schedule your consultation, please call us at 765-477-6487 soon. Tecumseh Dental Center looks forward to improving your smile!